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Worldwide consultancy bringing the latest

Human Factors solutions and safety

science into practical applications



The Safety Collaborative is a premier consultancy that specialises in Human Factors and safety science. The experienced team stand out as leaders in the field, offering a wealth of knowledge and experience that is both broad and deep. Their commitment to "Learning from all Operations" is not just a slogan but a foundational principle that guides their approach to enhancing safety in complex socio-technical systems.

The Safety Collaborative boasts a network of top experts who have provided training and support to a wide range of safety-critical sectors. Their expertise encompasses essential areas such as Incident and Accident Investigation, Risk Management, and the application of Non-Technical Skills. This unique multidisciplinary team has been instrumental in advancing safety protocols and has a proven track record of supporting prestigious entities, including the Hong Kong Government Flying Service, the MTR corportation, HAECO, CASL and leading airlines such as Cathay Pacific, British Airways, Qantas, and Malaysia Airlines. The team also supports private ventures like The World Championship Air Race and has contributed support to organisations like the British Airline Pilots Association, the Flight Safety Foundation IATA and ICAO. Moreover, our team's training portfolio extends to the healthcare industry, having provided valuable insights to the UK National Health Service, the UK Health Care Safety Investigation Branch, the MTR Corporation and the UK Air Accidents Branch. Our ability to adapt and apply safety science principles across industries underscores our versatility and commitment to operational excellence worldwide.

In choosing The Safety Collaborative, you are not merely selecting a service provider; you are partnering with a vanguard of safety innovation. Their dedication to learning from every operational facet and transforming that knowledge into practical, effective strategies ensures that their clients are not just compliant with safety standards but are setting new benchmarks for safety and efficiency.

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